Friday, 2 August 2013

Spy Software for Blackberry

Spy Software for BlackBerry

Today everyone wants to keep their eye on their family. Now it is very easy to take care of your family by using spy software with .  This software helps you to find the real time location of targeted phone. If your known's are in any trouble then you can reach them by tracing their location and you can protect your children when they are not with you. It will give you assurance that your beloved ones are safe.
Features of spy software with blackberry phones:-
Live call Monitoring – You can listen live calls of targeted blackberry phone.
Remote Monitoring – You can track Real time location of your dear ones.
Log Details – You can see the details of incoming and outgoing details.
Contacts – You can see all saved contact details of targeted blackberry phone.
Multimedia Files – You can access multimedia files (Photos, Videos and Audios) of phone.
 Installed Applications – You will get the information of all new installed application.
Battery Reports – It will give you all the information of battery like duration and temperature.
Text Messages – You can see the Received & Delivered Messages of targeted phone.


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