Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Spy Mobile Phone Software for IPhone

If you are looking for spy software for IPhone then this is the right place. This software has many advanced features other than location tracing and it helps you to protect your kids and family. Today every young person wants to have IPhone and our spy software is compatible with almost every IPhone. Parents can make best use of this software by monitoring their children. This software helps you to trace the real time location of your children. Companies can also use it on their employees who do not pay much attention on their work when boss is not around. This software always works in stealth mode and user of targeted IPhone will never know that they are being monitored by their family or employer. Spy software for IPhone is very easy to use and install. It takes 5 to 6 minutes to install.

Compatible IPhone Models:
• Apple IPhone 4S
• Apple IPhone 4
• Apple IPhone 3GS
• Apple IPhone 3G
• Apple IPhone
• Apple IPhone 4 CDMA

Features of IPhone Spy Software:
• You can track real time location of the targeted Iphone even when they are in building.
• Whenever the targeted phone receives or makes a call, a notification message will be sent on your number. At that time you have option to intercept the conversation. Then you will be able to listen both sides of call without knowing them.
• You can collect all the information of incoming and outgoing calls according to the date.
• This software will help you to access the saved photos, videos and audios of targeted phone.
• You can collect the information of new installed application.
• You can check all received and delivered text messages with exact date time.
• Information of visited websites.
• SIM change notification. • Battery Reports.
• You can also check the contact list of targeted Iphone.

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